Since 1946

We believe in the power of audiovisual communication

We design, build, and support audiovisual communication environments that power the ideas of organizations around the world. Ideas build businesses, entertain audiences, inspire millions, and yes, even change the world. Welcome to HB.

What We Do

At HB, we take a holistic approach with our customers. This is the differentiation that comes from having our diverse portfolio of specializations under one roof. These six service areas align to our customers’ complete communication ecosystem. By analyzing the current needs of our customers, as well as their current technology landscape, we are able to work together to develop a strategy and roadmap that will evolve into the future. This approach ensures that the long term vision is unified into one strategy.

We stay ahead of our industry so our customers can stay ahead of theirs.

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Our Origins

Growing up in Boston during the Great Depression, HB founder Mackey Barron developed what would become a life-long passion for audiovisual communications. During WW II, Barron enlisted in the military and became a United States Lieutenant Colonel Air Force pilot. He was shot down twice and captured in Germany, where he spent 358 days as a prisoner of war before his camp was freed by General Patton’s troops when the war ended in 1945.

After the war, Barron returned to his original vision and started HB Motion Pictures Company in his garage in 1946. The same spirit that led Mackey Barron into the service helped spark a new brand of service in the AV industry.

Audio Visual Communications Company

Our passion for the way new and emerging technologies can be used to improve communication cultures, has fueled our industry leadership for nearly 70 years.

AV System Integrator

HB Today

Today, HB Communications, Inc. has over 425 employees, and an extensive partnering ecosystem that allows us to support organizations of any size around the world.  We represent hundreds of manufacturers and have the most experienced technical resources in the industry.  We can support any audiovisual solution, including: video collaboration, broadcast , unified communications, digital signage, video streaming, and cloud services, just to name a few. Whether you're looking to collaborate, create content, or share information throughout your organization, HB can help you build an engaging culture of audiovisual communication.

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